McKillop and Quinn (2010) ‘Internet Banking and Irish Credit Unions ‘

Internet Banking and Irish Credit Unions

co-authored with Donal McKillop


The purpose of this paper is to examine IT adoption by Irish credit unions. Using probabilistic models, we explore one aspect of IT, that of internet banking technology, and assess the degree to which characteristics specific to the credit union and to its potential membership base influence adoption. Our analysis suggests that asset size, organisational structure being a member of the Irish League of Credit Unions and the loan to asset ratio are all important credit union specific drivers of internet banking adoption. We also find that characteristics of the area from where the credit union captures its members are important. Factors such as the percentage of the population that is employed, the proportion of the population in the age bracket 35 to 44, the proportion of the population that have access to broadband and the level of familiarity with a local ATM facility are all identified as influencing the probability of adopting internet banking.

 forthcoming in the International Journal of Co-operative Management July 2012

Keywords: Credit unions, technology, probabilistic models

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