Pat’s Rocking Horses

A Rocking horse becomes part of a family for generations and can be personal to the child and the family. It may also be seen as an investment, an heirloom and a memento of sweet childhood. My Dad’s Rocking horses are individually had-crafted by a Master Craftsman with attention to detail and client’s preferences and requirements. Best-quality timbers, saddles, tail and mane hair and Tack are used with clients having their preferences satisfied. As well as the stock in the below images, clients can create their own bespoke horse using the following accessories.

Accessory Set

  • Real Glass Eyes,
    • Amber glass with black pupils.
  • Manes and Tails.
    • Real horsehair in dark brown or light tan.
  • Manes and Tails.
    • Simulated horsehair in red or brown.
  • Buckles-on Bridle.
    • Real leather or lorica.
  • Saddles.
    • Real leather in black, dark brown or light tan with green or maroon leather seat and matching saddlecloths.
    • Lorica in red or dark brown with contrasting red or brown saddlecloths.
  • Martindales, stirrup straps, reins and all strapping in leather or lorica to match.
  • Stirrup irons in nickel plated or cast brass antique rosettes in maroon, green or red.
  • Red hardwood stand in mahogany or oak.


Plycolt is priced from £1900 to £2100
Priced from £1800 to £2000
Priced from £2000 to £2300

For enquires and to arrange a viewing please contact Pat on 02879632342 or by email (