Tiered Regulation and Irish Credit Unions

Regulatory reform in Irish credit unions is a hot topic.  A recent Irish times article 1 highlights the juxtaposition of opinions of the various stakeholders in Ireland.

In this research project we investigate the existence of a tiered structure in Irish credit unions.  We let the data speak and provide some empirical evidence to help inform this current policy debate.

So far our findings conclude that a multi-tier system in terms of business model complexity is present.  This findings is based on a novel approach which endogenously identified an optimal tiered business model strategy based on key financial viability characteristics of Irish credit unions.

For more details of this work see   http://www.barryquinn.com/a-sustainable-business-model-strategy-for-irish-credit-unions/


  1. “Credit unions criticise ‘overzealous’ regulatory plans”-http://www.irishtimes.com/business/financial-services/credit-unions-criticise-overzealous-regulatory-plans-1.2443451″