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Pat’s Rocking Horses

A Rocking horse becomes part of a family for generations and can be personal to the child and the family. It may also be seen as an investment, an heirloom and a memento of sweet childhood. My Dad’s Rocking horses are individually had-crafted by a Master Craftsman with attention to detail and client’s preferences and requirements. Best-quality timbers, saddles, tail and mane hair and Tack are used with clients having their preferences satisfied. As well as the stock in the below images, clients can create their own bespoke horse using the following accessories.

Accessory Set

  • Real Glass Eyes,
    • Amber glass with black pupils.
  • Manes and Tails.
    • Real horsehair in dark brown or light tan.
  • Manes and Tails.
    • Simulated horsehair in red or brown.
  • Buckles-on Bridle.
    • Real leather or lorica.
  • Saddles.
    • Real leather in black, dark brown or light tan with green or maroon leather seat and matching saddlecloths.
    • Lorica in red or dark brown with contrasting red or brown saddlecloths.
  • Martindales, stirrup straps, reins and all strapping in leather or lorica to match.
  • Stirrup irons in nickel plated or cast brass antique rosettes in maroon, green or red.
  • Red hardwood stand in mahogany or oak.


Plycolt is priced from £1900 to £2100
Priced from £1800 to £2000
Priced from £2000 to £2300

For enquires and to arrange a viewing please contact Pat on 02879632342 or by email (

Pat’s Bodhrans

As part of his repertoire, Pat produces a range of Bodhrans. The Bodhrans crafted by Pat have been classed as having a distinctive tone. They have been designed with the help of myself and Noel Maguire. The basic frame is laminated from aircraft quality Birch plywood. Pat manufactures the tuners himself, designed for ease of access and adjustment. After some experimentation and road testing by Noel and myself the optimal dimension for maximum tone output has been established at 320mm x 150mm; an approximate 2:1 ratio. The skins used are best- quality goat skins used for Lambeg drums, and their tone is optimised using a 5-point tuning system.  Here are some examples of these bespoke tuneable Bodhrans: 

Prices start at £250 and some of the Bodhrans are on display in the Duncairn Centre for Culture and Arts shop.

Other sizes of Bodhrans are available upon request. Speciality toddler drums, which are 9in x 4.5in in dimension, can also be ordered.

Many sizes and shapers of Tippers are also available.

For more details email Pat (

For Belfast enquires contact Barry (07872382074) or Noel Maguire (07915828083).

Pat’s Harps


Quinn Harps was launched a few years ago by Pat Quinn, an  expert craftsman with 50 years experience in manufacturing high- class furniture for domestic and church clients. He manufactures a range of harps which were featured at the All-Ireland GAA Scor finals in Derry as part of the 2013 City of Culture.

The speciality of Quinn Harps is the AISLINN, the 34-string Quinn design, providing the traditional music scene with the ideal instrument for this unique genre. A variety of timbers are used in the Harp manufacture with high quality hardware and strings to compliment the unique soundboard and sound box.

Here are some examples of Quinn Harps: