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British Accounting and Finance Association April 2014

In April I attended the BAFA annual conference hosted by the London School of Economics.  My co-author, Barabara Casu (Cass Business School) presented a piece of work on regulatory compliance and bank performance.  We used a unique dataset including Basel Core Principle for effective banking supervision compliance data (BCPs) supplied by the IMF to ascertain if banks’ performance is influenced by compliance with these BCPs.  Using a global sample of banks and modern econometric techniques we find little evidence of an association between compliance and bank operating efficiency, suggestive of the inadequacy of such ‘one size fits all’ banking supervision principles.

UKEPAN International conference, University of Leicester, 14-15 November 2009

I  attended the UK Efficiency and Productivity Analysis Network International Conference on “Global trends in Efficiency and Risk Management of Financial Services and the Financial Crisis“, which was hosted by the Efficiency and Productivity Research Unit (EPRU) of University of Leciester School of Management.

Where i  presented a joint piece of work entitled

The “Good” the “Bad” and the hyperbolic distance function : An analysis of the efficiency determinants of Irish Credit Unions


The feedback i received was generally good, and any critique that i got was constructive in that it was pointing at ways to improve my work with a view to publication.

I thank all the organisers for the dedicated work in making the conference possible and i look forward to next years’ event.

Wolpertinger Conference, Rome, September 2009

At the start of September i attended the Wolpertinger 2009 conference in Rome, which is affiliated to the European Association of University Teachers in Banking and Finance.

I was presenting in the main body of the conference in academic session 6 entitled “Efficiency and Productivity of Financial Intermediaries” chaired by Santiago Carbo-Valverde, from University of Granada in Spain.

My presentation was on joint work involving a new innovative model for the production process of a financial institution. This model explicitly accounts for the production of bad outputs as well as good and is a new innovation in the field. In keeping with our Italian theme i name the presentation “The Good the bad and the hyperbolic distance function”!

Thanks to my co-authors

Donal McKillop and Colin Glass

for allowing me to keep this title for the conference.

Click here to see slides

I was pleased with how this presentation went and received some good feedback from fellow academics in this field.

B.A.A. Conference April 2009

I attended the British Accounting Associations PhD Colloqiuim which was hosted by Dundee University earlier in the Year.

This was my first academic conference and was an eye opening experience.  I presented preliminary results of my second piece of work on Irish Credit Union Efficiency.  Unfortunately i was assigned to a group which was titled “Financial Accounting issue in Markets” so the feedback, although valuable in the terms of shaping my overall PhD, was unrelated to my research area.

The session was chaired by

Professor Pauline Weetman

Professor John O’Hanlon 

who I thank for their valuable comments.