Wolpertinger Conference, Rome, September 2009

At the start of September i attended the Wolpertinger 2009 conference in Rome, which is affiliated to the European Association of University Teachers in Banking and Finance.

I was presenting in the main body of the conference in academic session 6 entitled “Efficiency and Productivity of Financial Intermediaries” chaired by Santiago Carbo-Valverde, from University of Granada in Spain.

My presentation was on joint work involving a new innovative model for the production process of a financial institution. This model explicitly accounts for the production of bad outputs as well as good and is a new innovation in the field. In keeping with our Italian theme i name the presentation “The Good the bad and the hyperbolic distance function”!

Thanks to my co-authors

Donal McKillop and Colin Glass

for allowing me to keep this title for the conference.

Click here to see slides

I was pleased with how this presentation went and received some good feedback from fellow academics in this field.

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